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A quick autobiography of mark:

I was born in Sydney. At the age of 4, I moved to Perth, and have pretty much been here since. I grew up in and around Subiaco, going to Subiaco Primary School. I then went to Hollywood High School, just around the corner. A year in Minnesota USA, on student exchange staying with the Tiemann Family was a great experience. I then started College doing Mechanical Engineering. Three years Later I graduated, found my first real job. In the next year, the job fell apart & Started a new job. I now live in Cottelsoe, work for SPIRAC Engineering as a Project Engineer. Me in a nutshell. If you want to give me any information on these families, or just wish to contact me, use the following address, or leave a message in the guest book on the front page.

Mark Davies
PO Box 699
Subiaco 6008, WA Australia