Family of George Cheffins and Margaret Rachael Learmonth George Cheffins married Margaret (Jessi~ Rachael Learmonth at Subiaco WA December 16 1903 George died February 1943, Margaret May I 973 George and Margaret had three children, (Sunny) Everstey, born 10 Qctober 1904, who married Roy Nevile, May Thora Born 25 October 1909, who married Ray Mortlock and George Cheffins, who married Edna Williams All are deceased except Edna Sunny, George and May Thora each had two children all still lMng Geoffrey Raymond born 25th Julv 1939 and Eve rslev Ruth born 21 January 1945 are May Thora~s children 'I Family of James Cheffins and Isobel Lilley Larmonth ~ They were married on 26th December 1901 Lilley was born on 7th December 1877 in Brisbane Queesland and died 9th January 1963 in Claremont WA. Daughters: Alice Cheffins, born 1 Dec 1902 in Subiaco, married Harold Shorter in Subiaco in 1931 - children Neville and Lesley. Lilley Beatrice Cheffins born 14th September 1904 in Subiaco married Frank Bussell - no children. Sons: James Cheffins born 21 November 1906 died 6th November 1907 Harold Cockburn Cheffins married Lavinia Coulter in 1932 in Perth Lavinia did 1953, leaving Ruth Cheffins (now Skarne) and Bruce Cheffins born in Subiaco 8th Jan 1940. Family of Bruce James Cheffins and Dorothv Andrae Carr Peter James Cheftins born 18 Mar 1966 in Cottlesl6e WA, Bridget Jane Cheffins born 25th Fe 1967 in Subiaco WA, Richard Thomas Cheffins, born 1 July 1969, Hastings Victoria and Susan Pamela Margaret Cheffins born 5 May 1971 at Subiaco WA. Family of Peter Learmonth and Sarah Learmonth Peter Cockburn Learmonth. Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland and Sarah Ha~ County Armagh, Ireland. Their children were all born in Brisbane. Daughters: Annie (married Mackernan in Melbourne), Jane (married Watson, lived in the UK), Agnes (married Mackernan) Isobel Lilley, Margaret Rachael. Sons: Peter, David (twin) died at birth. The Family of Cheffins The Family of Ceofa or C~ur~ng were (by denvat~on of name) Saxons who settled under the brow of the North Downs near Sevenoaks in Kent Their dwelling received the Saxon termination of ung to their name Hence Ceofanung Norman French gives Chevin whence Chevining or as now known Chevening The Chevins were Lords of the manor of Chevening until about 1580 when the then Lord of the Manor sold the Estate to Lord Dacre who in his turn sold it to the Stanhopes who are still in possesion of it The Chevins moved to Salisbury (and it is conjectured they must have been in reduced circumstances) and had three children Thomas (16001666) William (16021688) and a daughter was of woman of the bedchamber to Queen Catherine of Maganza? William had a daughter Barbara who married Edward Villers the first Earl of Jersey and the line continues to the current Early of Jersey Thomas appears to have been a choir boy in Salisbury Cathedral and was taken notice of by Bishop Duppa and brought to the Court of Charles I by him Thomas Chiffinch William Cheffins born 1796 of Tetford Lincolnshire parents not named Labourer married Alice Newton 21 May 1816 at St Peter and Paul Belchford(CofE) William Cheffins and Alice Newton gave birth to Beniamin Cheffins born in Lincolnshire 28th September 1826 christened 10th November 1826 (It is unclear if there were other children) He was a foreman in Seedware House First marriage: Benjamin married Hannah Marshall born Nafferton Yorkshire 25 January 1827 They were married at Sykes St Chapel, Hull on the 17th Sept 185?5 Famli of Ben amin Cheftins and Alice Eskrltt Second marriage: Benjamin's second wife was Alice Escrit:, born Beverly, Yorkshire 1 March 1833 They married on 5th October 1863 Alice died around 1904 Benjamin and Hannah had the following children: William, Hannah, Alice and Mary, all born at Southcoates, Hull between 1857 and 1862 Benjamin and Alice had the following children: John, Annie, Georgel Kate(twins) all born in Southcoates, Hull between 1865 and 1867, and Sarah Alice, Ham ett, James all born in the USA between 1868 and I 872 Benjamin died on 25th February 1876, and was interred at Burmantoffs Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire (How did they all get to Australia?) John, Hannah, Annie, James and George all married in Australia between 1893 and 1903 James Cheffins married Lilley J Learmonth at Cottesoe, WA on 26 December 1901

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